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“I want to instill a greater sense of worth within undervalued people, particularly nerds of color like me through imaginative fiction, whether it be through sci-fi or sword & sorcery.”

Having found he had a fondness for writing, multimedia designer, MCOLINALSTON hadn't considered pursuing a career in literature until years after graduating in ’94 from Pratt Institute’s School of Art & Design.


A major in fine arts, concentrating his studies in CGI, computer modeling & animation and minoring in illustration, Colin, a native New Yorker, and an avid role-playing gamer is a two-time winner of the American Graphic Design Award | Recognized for excellence in communication and graphic design for the Modern Advantage Ad: "Are you Puzzled by New Media?" and | Recognized for “Nick the Worm” character logo used by Jane Products. Colin was awarded an Honorable Mention from the 47th Columbus International Film & Video Festival for the "Do the Right Thing" multimedia series and "Dealing with Violence At School." Colin has also received several Honorable Mentions from the Illustrators of the Future contest.


While Colin continued his education at the New School in Manhattan, where he took scriptwriting courses, he freelanced for the CNBC Cable Station as a paintbox operator, designing over-the-shoulder news graphics, while designing the looks for television programs, such as Steals & Deals, The Al Roker Show, and the Dick Cavett Show. In the mid-nineties, Colin got involved in the ".com" business, developing high-impact websites for companies like Land Rover Huntington. He also authored and developed interactive CD ROMs, where editing various writers' scripts for animated interactive programs for At-Risk Youths were a big part of his job. Aside from creating entertainment production elements, marketing materials, and print designs, Colin has illustrated indie comics and designed characters for various comic writers in London and the U.S. In the early 2000s, Colin worked for Doubleday Direct designing and re-designing book covers. In 2022, he was the visual artist and props designer for the indie film, Paradigm 5, a Roughchild Entertainment Production. And in all that time, Colin has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist to this day.


Throughout his diverse career, Colin had been itching to write his own stories, and thanks to two close friends, both of whom were inspiring writers urging him on, he worked to become a science fiction and sword & sorcery novelist. A successful 2020 Writer’s Digest Conference, Pitch Slam event, where his elevator pitch and novel presentation were well received by more than nine literary agents served as a shot in the arm to take his writing to the hilt.


Colin has a self-published science fiction novel available on Amazon in all formats, including an audiobook.

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